Reading Response B

Ayham: You mentioned in a previous interview that’s audience is both current students and prospective students. And the site is a channel connecting the two. The interesting ways students use the site tell the public about the culture at Yale's School of Art. I’d also like to hear from everyone else: How has the site provided an image of the culture of the school? What kind of expectations did it set? And did the school meet them?

Steven: I’ve kinda looked at the site here and there over years. I might be wrong but it seems like students were more active with it a couple years back. I definitely think it definitely think that the site at large seems to give a bit of institutional stamp of approval to a student’s creative autonomy. I think when I was a applying not to many people were customizing things, so you get a sense of the institutional position on culture but make not a color of culture of what happens to be going on at the moment. Maybe that’s good. Although the aim of the website is transparency maybe it’s one of the more mysterious institutional pages, and thats good.